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  • Traditional natural healing - preparations of animal origine Anatomie užovky 49.817492, 15.472962

    Animals accompanied man from time immemorial and next to the means of vegetable and mineral to the healing of the applied means of the animal, which had various ways of use. From the consumption of raw animal organs, through the ways of extraction of various substances from animals until after the use of waste, bones, horns etc Another option was to healing based on some of the animal characteristics and capabilities of the (blood sucking). Part of folk medicine has been as animals domestic and wild.


  • Traditional natural healing - preparations of mineral origin Žlučové kaménky 49.817492, 15.472962

    Preparation of mineral origine played in traditional natural healing important role. Some of this preparations are a part of contemporary official medicine today. Most important in legacy of our ancestors is watter (ordinary or holy), various kinds of sand or clay, some of industrial products (paraffin, glycerine), lime or lead. Using of preparations of mineral origin was connected with many of magic practices, important were objects with mysterios origine (thunderstone) or originate from man or animal (gall bladder stone).