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Folklórny festival Východná – The Folklore Festival Východná

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Liptovský Mikuláš

Začetek - konec dogodka


04.07.2014 - 06.07.2014



The festival in Východná is held during the first weekend of July.

The Folklore Festival Východná is the oldest (since 1953) and largest folklore festival in Slovakia focused on traditional folk culture set in Central Slovakia in the region of Liptov. It is organised by the National Educational-Cultural Centre (Bratislava). Every year it hosts approximately 1400 national and international performers. Festival provides a space for presenting winners of national competitions of folk groups, folk ensembles, children's ensembles, folk music and singing groups, soloists, musicians and dancers. The festival is accompanied by a number of side events such as exhibitions, costume parade, traditional market, craft market, dance schools, and participation of craftsmen, producers and artists in folk art. It is situated in an attractive environment at the gate to the High and the Low Tatras in the village of Východná. 


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