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P&P (construction company)

14. 8. 2014


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Liberec Region

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Family houses built in accordance with the local architectural style of the Krkonoše region (Giant Mountains), i. e. the half-timbered house. The entire project of 24 houses creates a unique functional urbanistic unit integrated into the national park environment.

Locality Vysoké nad Jizerou, Liberec region Czech Republic
History Company established in 1992
Organizer Private owner
Realisation team P&P construction company
Target group Architects, potential residents
Cultural-historical criterion The village project follows the tradition of regional folk architecture.
Ethnographic criterion Houses built as half-timbered buildings typical for the region of Krkonoše and Jizerské hory. All the modern elements are sensitively integrated into the overall construction.
Environmental criterion Development projects in the area of national parks must respect the traditional regional style.
Aesthetic criterion The construction is built in harmony with the traditional Krkonoše half-log house. The project of the village in Vysoké n. J. differs from other similar projects mailny in the variability of the houses. With its complex approach, it creates a functional urbanistic unit, including a small square lined by arcades. The project reaches beyond the current mass trends in construction, mainly because of its unique and distinctive design.

Photos from P&P s.r.o.


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