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Open-Air Museum in Vysoký Chlumec

14. 8. 2014


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Dwellings, Farming structures, Technical facilities

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Central Bohemia Region

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The open-air museum of rural structures in the central area of the Vltava River basin in Vysoký Chlumec was opened in 1999. The museum presents folk architecture and its development from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Dwelling houses, farm houses and technical facilities such as water sawmill as well as items which served as part of the equipment of rural houses and granges, have been gradually transferred to the area of the museum.

Locality Vysoký Chlumec, Central Bohemia region Czech Republic
History Since 1998
Organizer The Mining Museum Příbram (founder and investor)
Realisation team The Mining Museum Příbram, ethnologists, conservationists
Target group Tourists, researchers, local residents
Cultural-historical criterion The museum preserves valuable monuments of rural architecture, which demonstrate the development of the peasant home from the mid-18th to the early 20th centuries in the Central Bohemian Highlands and the Middle Vltava Region.
Ethnographic criterion Residential, agricultural and technical buildings as well as minor religious monuments which were threatened by destruction of their original sites are gradually transferred to an area within the river valley. An indoor exhibition features village life and village farming methods. The preserved residential and agricultural buildings provide information about the history of the settlement within the region. The collections in the regional museum include rural household equipment, folk clothing, agricultural and handicraft tools and equipment as well as other items documenting the peasant farming methods.
Environmental criterion The museum presents certain features of the landscape of our ancestors, among them, for instance, the gardens nearby the houses and garden plants that were traditionally grown in this region.
Aesthetic criterion All the buildings and installations are being sensitively incorporated into the natural environment of the river valley. Through this, the visitor is able to see the everyday life in the countryside including aesthetic values of our ancestors.

Photos by © Lubomír Procházka


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