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The Old Town Easter Fair

15. 8. 2014


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One of the most visited events of the year in Prague. History of the event reaches to times before the Communist era. The market mainly presents handcrafted goods, all types of Easter-related food and drink, as well as examples of the old customs of a traditional Czech Easter. The offered goods and presented activities are, nevertheless, not always directly associated with Easter traditions; plenty of items offered here, for the commercial focus of the event, are more consumption oriented, and therefore often distant from the traditional Czech Easter.

Locality Old Town Square, Prague
Czech Republic
Time Three weeks during Easter
Organizer Taiko joint-stock company
Realisation team Taiko joint-stock company
Target group Residents, tourists, artisans
Cultural-historical criterion
The Easter traditional fair reaches the historic center of Prague. Residents and tourists can enjoy three weeks of a varied selection of craft products and various Easter related performances. The Prague Easter markets originate from a time long before the communist era and were deeply tied to religious festivities. Under communism though the markets suffered a demise, as the religious aspects of Easter were banned and celebrations were limited to welcoming spring. Since the fall of communism, the markets have enjoyed a renaissance. Czechs and tourists come together in thousands to browse the colourful market stalls and soak up the atmosphere. The Prague Easter markets run daily usually for three weeks on Easter at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Wooden huts display a variety of handicrafts such as crystal and glassware, jewellery, metal ware, candles, wooden toys, embroidered cloth, and beautifully dressed puppets and dolls.
Ethnographic criterion The most common sight is brightly coloured, hand-painted Easter eggs. There is also traditional food offered with samples of all kinds of local food and drink. Large hams are roasted on spits. Traditional Czech pastries are prepared in front of the visitors, such as trdelník - a hot, sugar coated pastry. On stages at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, school folk groups and folk ensembles and dancers perform every day from mid-afternoon.
Environmental criterion This initiative has become one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Photos by © Jaroslav Otčenášek


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