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The Main Year Event in the Open-Air Museum Rogatec – “Likof na taberhi”

15. 8. 2014


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Traditional crafts, Woodworking - other, Bread

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The Likof na taberhi is the main event in the Open-air museum Rogatec. The main part of the event is the presentation of annual farm tasks, e.g. mowing grass, threshing with a flail and cow-drawn whim, log sawing and washing at the well.

Parts of the event are also presentations of traditional crafts, e.g. weaving of baskets and bottles, spinning and weaving on looms and scutching of flax, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, making crepe paper flowers, hand forging, manufacturing of Haloze reed and making birch brooms. Visitors can test themselves in experiential workshops in knitting wicker, music workshop, baking bread “žulika” in the black kitchen of Šmit house, weaving workshop, and the workshop of folk dances. Evers year the events finish with a concert of folk music. The event is otherwise regarded as the attempt of the museum to attract more foreign visitors, but this is still more a feast of the local community and the people associated with the museum and its friends.

Locality Rogatec, Slovenian Styria
Time Saturday, mid-July
History (cyclicality) Annually, since 1998
Organizer Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development of Rogatec
Realisation team Employees from Open Air Museum Rogatec
Target group Tourists, local people
Traditional culture elements Traditional crafts, customs
Ethnographic criterion Presentation of farm activities, e.g. threshing with flails or cow-drawn whim, clothes washing by a well, grass mowing etc. Crafts presentations and experiential workshops: weaving, embroidering, preparation of flax, basket weaving. Visiting the fair is considered a social event by local inhabitants.
Environmental criterion The event is prepared in the open air museum, presentation of activities from the area are done on museum lands (meadow, barn).
Cultural-historical criterion Presented crafts and farm tasks are from the beginning of the 20th century and are part of the local heritage. Farm tasks are presented with old tools and machines.
Aesthetic criterion N/A
Ethical criterion The event is open for all groups of inhabitants/ citizens. No conflicts.
Psychological criterion The event is an important part of the identity of local inhabitants.


Photos by © Katarina Šrimpf


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