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The Grape Harvest Festival in Sebechleby

15. 8. 2014


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Food and Beverages, Beverages, Harvest festival

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The village of Sebechleby is located in Central Slovakia in the Krupina district. The wine-making village architecture constists of stone or wooden houses raised on top of traditional tuff cellars.

At present, many cellars have been rebuilt as facilities offering restaurant services. A baroque chapel of St. Urban is also a part of the village. One of the houses is home to the ethnographic museum. The grape harvest festival has been organised annually since 2007. Tasting grapes, young wine and wine as well as other culinary specialties is an important element of the festival. Folklore and other mainly new and alternative musical genres are a popular part of the cultural programme that attracts many visitors including young people.

Locality Sebechleby, part Stará Hora
Central Slovakia
Time Annually, September-October
History (cyclicality) Continually, with the renewed tradition since 2007
Organizer The municipality Sebechleby, Civic Association Sebechleby
Realisation team The municipality Sebechleby; locals and local civic associations
Target group Locals, visitors
Traditional culture elements Grape harvest festival; presentation of the reservation of folk architecture – winery houses; presentation of traditional local wines and foods
Ethnographic criterion Festivities celebrating grape harvest and wine are important elements of traditional culture in the village. Wine cellars in the locality of Stará Hora are well preserved and maintained according to their original purpose (wine making and storage in traditional tuff cellars)
Environmental criterion No conflict
Cultural-historical criterion Stará Hora – part of Sebechleby with its traditional houses and wine cellars is one of the oldest settlements in the village.
Aesthetic criterion The houses meet all the aesthetic criteria (in terms of original colour, building material)
Ethical criterion No conflict
Psychological criterion The event supports local identity and shows the work of the wine-makers.

Photos by © Jolana Darulová


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