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Folk Christmas

15. 8. 2014


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Ethnographic event held throughout the Advent and Christmas in the area of open –air museum in Přerov nad Labem. The event is accompanied by thematic exhibitions devoted to folk customs related to Christmas and Advent time in rural culture of the central river Labe basin region.

Locality Open-air museum Přerov nad Labem Czech Republic
Time Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday through December
Organizer Ethnographic Museum of Přerov nad Labem
Realisation team Ethnographic Museum of Přerov nad Labem
Target group Tourists, residents, craftsmen, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, conservationists.
Cultural-historical criterion Christmas exhibition located in the open-air museum. Advent scenes and folk Christmas traditions are set up in interiors of all seven historical log houses of the folk „village“.
Ethnographic criterion
Each house in the village offers examples of how people from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century celebrated Advent and Christmas. Villagers dressed in traditional costumes prepare food, practice crafts and sing carols. There is also a Christmas market, a collection of old and new nativity scenes, traditional Christmas decorations and lessons on how to make your own decorations and small gifts. Special part of the exhibition includes a unique collection of paper cut-out nativity scenes and Christmas postcards.
Environmental criterion The idea of the exhibition and special events is to bring back and disclose to the public the folk life, art and customs related to Christmas in the Polabí region, which again, through these activities, regains the interest of the public.
Aesthetical criterion The event offers the experience of Advent and Christmas in a traditional way. From the aesthetic point of view it strictly adheres to traditional folk design and procedures associated with Christmas time. The exhibition also inspires the revival of some forgotten customs.

Photos from Polabské národopisné muzeum Přerov nad Labem

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