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Dnevi teric/Days of women scutching flax

15. 8. 2014


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Art Objects - decorative, Costumes, Leather and Fabrics

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“Dan teric/Days of women scutching flax” is the event with ethnographic presentations of the linen processing which also educates people about local history. During the event processing of linen is shown; it is performed by the locals wearing traditional costumes.

The presentations take place on different locations around the farm Pr’ Vrhovc: harvesting, drying, retting and turning, stripping and combing, spinning, weaving, bleaching and dyeing of linen are presented on original tools while weaving is presented on handmade replicated looms from 2002. There is also a local market organised as part of the event where visitors can buy products from local craftsmen and local dishes. Entertainment programme consists of cultural programmes and mostly Oberkrainer music ensembles. The locals consider visiting or participating in the cultural programme, going to the market place or attending the entertainment programme as their own social event with the longest tradition in the area.

Locality Davča
Time August (documented on the 17th to 18th of August, 2013)
History (cyclicality) Annually, 29 years of tradition (2013)
Organizer Turistično društvo Davča (Tourist Society Davča)
Realisation team Turistično društvo Davča
Target group Inhabitants of the village and the region
Traditional culture elements Traditional folk crafts (craft demonstrations), folk art products, folk costumes, culinary delights
Ethnographic criterion
Traditional crafts, products inspired by folk tradition, folklore ensembles. Visiting or participating in the cultural programme, market place or tent with entertaining programme is considered a traditional social event by the locals. Traditional culinary, pottery, making of wooden tubes. Local craftsmen sell their products, such as “trojček” (three pots connected to one that used to be part of a ritual that bonds people), “potica” models, shoes, hats, a variety of food specialities and wooden agricultural tools.
Environmental criterion Original local environment.
Cultural-historical criterion Linen used to be important culture for its seed, oil, ropes and fabrics. Fabric “kranjski prt” or “kranjsko platno” made on extended area of Škofja Loka was a well known and a valuable product. With industrialization and availability of cheaper fabrics, this craft was no longer profitable. In 1969, tourist society Turistično društvo Davča was established, and in 1970 the ethnographic event Dnevi teric/Days of women scutching flax was organized for the first time. Some of older locals used to participate in practices connected to linen and are teaching younger generations on traditions and use of traditional tools.
Aesthetic criterion Some products on sale (pottery) are considered work of art with practical dimension.
Ethical criterion The event is open for all groups of inhabitants and visitors. No ethical conflicts.
Psychological criterion The event offers ethnographic programme of presenting linen and educates people about the history; entertaining programme is also a part of the event. In 2013, events began on 17th August with ensemble Vesele Štajerke, followed the next day by a cultural programme, presentation of processing the linen and a concert of Ansambel Saša Avsenika. The event promotes local cohesion and strengthens local identity.

Photos by © Pika Škerlj


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