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Competition in Cooking Štiarc (Traditional Dish of Miners)

14. 8. 2014


Kľúčové slová


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Banskobystrický kraj

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The event of cooking traditional dish štiarc has been organised since 2001 in the originally mining village of Špania Dolina, the reservation of folk architecture.

It revitalises local culinary tradition of cooking a potato dish with the aim to demonstrate the old cooking method to all visitors. Several elements of traditional culture are presented (traditional music and handicrafts), however, there are also other elements that do not correspond with local traditions: country music performances, moderator dressed in a white suit and a bow-tie, exotic menu in the local guest-house (the main organiser).

Locality Špania Dolina, the Banská Bystrica District, centre of the village, Central Slovakia
Time Annually, Saturday in the second half of July, 10.00-16.00
History (cyclicality) Since 2001
Organizer Guest-house Klopačka and Vojtech Mailing (the regional supporter of folk culture and photographer)
Realisation team Guest-house Klopačka, the Municipality
Target group Local inhabitants and their visitors, tourists
Traditional culture elements Štiarc – local potato dish of miners, folk music, handicrafts (including local bobbin-lace making)
Ethnographic criterion Local/ regional elements of traditional culture are used in line with their original function; Cooking traditional dish of miners is accompanied by the demonstration of the cooking method; Folk music and dance as well as presentation of traditional crafts are part of the event.
Environmental criterion No conflict – the event is organised in a local open air environment.
Cultural-historical criterion Traditional dish štiarc has been cooked in the village for many decades and is part of local cuisine.
Aesthetic criterion Traditional culinary culture presented in the centre of the village that is the reservation of folk architecture.
Ethical criterion The event revives the tradition of cooking local dish. The commercial character is not dominant. The dish is only cooked for tasting. It is offered to visitors without charging any money.
Psychological criterion The competition in cooking local dish aims at paying more attention to traditional local culture, it presents and revitalises an almost forgotten culinary tradition, it contributes to strengthening local identity and pride.

Photos by © Jolana Darulová


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