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The Carnival in Podlavice

15. 8. 2014


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Dancing, Rest Days and Celebrations

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Banská Bystrica

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Podlavice, originally a small village, is now a neighbourhood of the city of Banská Bystrica with a predominantly concrete „socialist“ achitecture, and partly also remaining rural architecture. Local Civic Committee Podlavice-Skubín and Pensioners Club Dúbrava are active organisers of events inspired by local folk culture traditions that are held in the local House of Culture. The Carnival festival with all segments of traditional ceremony is one of the most popular of all events. In addition, traditional pig-slaughtering, cibuľačka – onion meals cooking or traditional sledge competition (krňačky) are also annually organised.

Locality Podlavice, the neighbourhood of Banská Bystrica,
Central Slovakia
Time Annually at the end of the Carnival season
History (cyclicality) For many generations, reorganised in the 1990s
Organizer Civic Committee and Pensioners Club Dúbrava
Realisation team Local associations
Target group Local inhabitants, visitors
Traditional culture elements Socionormative culture, local Carnival customs, Presentation of ritual dance with twigs and toasting-fork; traditional costumes; ritual of burying the double-bass; folk entertainment with masques, folklore (music, songs, dances)
Ethnographic criterion The event is organised at the end of the Carnival season (the last weekend before the Ash Wednesday) and it is a rekonstruction of local traditional rituals, however, with a change of original function.
Environmental criterion No conflict
Cultural-historical criterion The end of the Carnival season in Slovakia was historically always connected with masque parades, ritual dances and the ritual of burrying the double-bass
Aesthetic criterion No conflict
Ethical criterion No conflict
Psychological criterion The event contributes to strengthening local identity.

Photo by © Jolana Darulová

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