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The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia





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The museum is the result of work of many generations of Slovenian miners and is a very interesting way of cooperation between the still working Coal Mine Velenje (with an annual production of around 4 million tons of coal it is the most modern and largest coal mine in Slovenia) which also manages the museum, the city municipality of Velenje and the Velenje Museum.

The ambition of the museum is to bring the story of Slovenian coal mining closer to as many visitors as possible, regardless of their age, physical ability, language or other possible restrictions.

Therefore a systematic education of all visitors to museum collections and the continuing impact of the museum on the cultural and tourist image of Šaleška Valley and Slovenia are very important. The activities of the museum preserve old mining values - camaraderie, solidarity and assistance, which are reflected in the attitude towards visitors and business partners. The miners’ greeting "GOOD LUCK" is a sincere wish for the future of all of us.

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