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  1. Štefan Zelko's Pottery0.0000000.000000article

    The clay is dug in Puconci. It is then stored at Štefan Zelko’s home in a so-called zemeljak. The needed amount of clay is ground several times in a compressing machine. Then it needs to be pressed...

  2. Pisanica (an Easter Egg) from Adlešiči0.0000000.000000article

    The best eggs for decorating should be smooth so the colour sticks evenly. First, the eggs are blown out: piercing the shell on both ends and blowing out from one of either hole, so the contents...

  3. Raztresen – homestead of handicrafts0.0000000.000000article

    The flagship of homestead of handicrafts Raztresen is the presentation of traditional processing of flax/linen in Bela krajina: from growing the plant through carding and then waving flax into linen.

  4. The Woodcarvers’ Days in Štiavnické Bane48.43944218.865273article

    Woodcarvers´ Days (Rezbárske dni) is a regular and popular event in Štiavnické Bane. The village is located near the city of Banská Štiavnica which is the centre of the region with a long and...

  5. Competition of Cart-Horse Owners (Preteky furmanov)47.63578423.818359article

    The furman cart-horse competitions are popular events in Slovakia which present special skills of furmani and their horses in overcoming different obstacles and disciplines. This kind of event takes...

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  1. Jánoska-eresztés 2018 Hagyományőrző ünnep Baján12.05.20180.0000000.000000event

    A bajaiak múltjából gyökerező kedves és emberközeli ünnep, amikor a vízen járók védőszentjére, Nepomuki Szent Jánosra emlékeznek. A virággal feldíszített Szent János szobrot fáklyákkal kivilágított...

  2. Pünkösdi nyitott pincék Palkonyán 201819.05.2018 - 20.05.20180.0000000.000000event

    2018-ban május 19- 20.-án Pünkösdi nyitott pincék Palkonyán! Legyünk együtt ismét, hogy kitűnő borokat megízleljük a műemlék pincénkben, hogy művészeinknek örüljünk, hogy gyermekeinkkel játszunk, és...

  3. Kevi Juhászfesztivál 2018 Túrkeve19.05.2018 - 20.05.201847.10037820.748088event

    Eszem-iszom, dínom-dánom! Legyen vendégünk a Kevi Juhászfesztiválon! Bográcsban főtt feledhetetlen ízű kevi birkapörkölt és más tájjellegű ételek, főzőverseny, népművészeti- és kézműves vásár, népi...

  4. Pünkösd Szentendre 2018. Pünkösdi Örökség Fesztivál a Szentendrei Skanzenben20.05.2018 - 21.05.201847.69226919.045411event

    A mai is élő kulturális hagyományokat fenntartó, és azokat nemzedékről nemzedékre tovább közvetítő helyi közösségeket fogja össze a Szellemi Kulturális Örökség Magyarországon.

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  1. Altarpiece made by the Zsolnay factory in the formerly Hungarian Johnstown Greek Catholic church47.50358719.029950photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Altarpiece made by the Zsolnay factory in the formerly Hungarian Johnstown Greek Catholic church (Pennsylvania).

  2. Houses of the formerly Hungarian-dominated Windber mine property47.50358719.029950photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Houses of the formerly Hungarian-dominated Windber mine property (Pennsylvania).

  3. Unused railroad route towards Johnstown from the mining district47.50358719.029950photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Unused railroad route towards Johnstown from the mining district, where thousands of Hungarian miners worked (Pennsylvania).

  4. Monument for the war heroes in Wilbur, with Hungarian names on the tableau47.50358719.029950photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Monument for the war heroes in Wilbur, with Hungarian names on the tableau (Pennsylvania).

  5. Hungarian epitaph in the Wilbur churchyard47.50358719.029950photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Hungarian epitaph in the Wilbur churchyard (Pennsylvania).

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  1. ACCOMMODATION KEBE30. 5. 201445.77701714.360702serviceaccommodation

    We are situated 50 kilometers from Ljubljana in village Dolenje Jezero which is right next to famous intermittent Cerknica Lake. The distance from Cerknica to Dolenje Jezero is 2 km. ACCOMMODATION...

  2. Museum of Lake Cerknica - Interpretation centre Lake Cerknica30. 5. 201445.77701714.360702servicemuseum

    The lake lives its own life, changing its image from a dry flat karst plain (known as polje) to the largest lake surface in Slovenia. If you wish to experience it in all its forms, you should...

  3. Šenk´s homestead in Jezersko25. 5. 201446.40800814.520841serviceaccommodation

    Šenk homestead is the pearl of the Alpine architecture and typical nucleated rural settlement of the area. Here we find eight buildings; all roofed with wooden roofing in a layout designed more than...

  4. The Land of Hayracks25. 5. 201445.97712115.090709servicemuseum

    The Land of Hayracks is an innovative project of the Municipality of Šentrupert which connects the versatile value of hayrack heritage with the modern forms of tourism and economy. The municipality,...

  5. Jenk’s barracks25. 5. 201446.40861714.523926servicemuseum

    This high and architecturally peculiar building was built in the 15th century as a boarding house for merchants travelling from Tržič to Eisenkappel and further on towards the river Drava when this...

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Knowledge base

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Ziljsko štehvanje 1955p46.613.4archive1

    Ziljsko štehvanje 1955....


  3. The Passion play in Carinthia, Austriap46.6514archive1

    The Passion play at Kostanje/Köstenberg....


  4. Haymaking in Zgornje Posočjep46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Haymaking in Zgornje Posočje....


  5. Women from Trentap46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Women from Trenta....


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