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  1. The Carnival in Podlavice48.74219019.108900article

    Podlavice, originally a small village, is now a neighbourhood of the city of Banská Bystrica with a predominantly concrete „socialist“ achitecture, and partly also remaining rural architecture. Local...

  2. The “With Fire and Sword” Festival (Meeting of Hungarian Cutlers, Smiths and Gunsmiths)47.19115518.408840article

    The “With Fire and Sword” festival ( has been organised yearly since 2004. The aim is to introduce traditions and techniques of the crafts of cutlers, smiths and gunsmiths. The...

  3. Chodsko Folklore Festival49.43970312.931144article

    The Chodsko Folk Festival, held since 1955, is one of the oldest folk festivals in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, it always takes place during the first weekend after the 10th August and is connected...

  4. The House „U Lukáčov“ in Dobrá Niva48.47291419.102027article

    The village of Dobrá Niva is situated in Central Slovakia. A number of houses in the village have kept their original architectural characteristics. The house „U Lukáčov“ has been a protected...

  5. Lomidrevo/Valibuk49.81749215.472962article

    Lomidrevo (name means something like "timberbreaker"), also called Valibuk or Valihora is a traditional Slovak folk character typical for his unnatural strength, but also for his...

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  1. Staročeské máje - XIV. poberounský folklorní festival0.0000000.000000photogalleryDomažlická dudácká muzika v Berouně

    Průvody, Ceremoniály žádání o právo, Kácení májky, Pobožnosti, Stylové jarmarky. Přehlídka folkloru ve středních Čechách

  2. Máje 2013 - Kublov49.94470213.875962photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Fotografie ze staročeských Májů v obci Kublov (Beroun), které se konaly v sobotu 11.5.2013.

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  1. Domažlická dudácká muzika5. 4. 201349.44151712.921408serviceentertainment

    Domažlická dudácká muzika patří již více než 15 let k předním souborům prezentující chodskou dudáckou hudbu v různých stupních úpravy. Většina jejích členů jsou profesionální hudebníci, kteří hudbu...

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Lilek (Hand puppet)p46.38333333333315.95archive1

    Hand puppet performance....


  3. Čatežp45.88333333333315.583333333333archive1

    Čatež is a mythical creature in human form above the waist and as a male goat, complete with horns and beard, below it. According to the tradition from east and west Slovenia it lives in mountains, ...


  4. King Matthiasp46.48333333333314.816666666667archive1

    Folk heroe Kralj Matjaž (King Matthias) probably got his name from the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus (1443–1490), who was famous for being a just and benevolent ruler. Slovenian folk songs sing ...


  5. Pehta / Perhtr46.48333333333313.783333333333archive1

    Pehtra Baba (Pehta) is a female supernatural being of ambivalent nature. As a bearer of light, Pehtra Baba is a kind and beautiful apparition (Old German perahtun = bright, glittering) while as the le...


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