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Portal into a Timeless World

I would like to expand my activities to other regions


Marie Vondrovicová - "We have a bakery and a patisserie in the village Bořice in Domažlicko region and we specialize at baking traditional pies of Chodsko. We intend to expand the sale of our products to neighboring regions (specifically Pošumaví, Plzeňsko) and we need to find out …"

How can you use the Etnofolk portal?

  • "... Is there any business similar to ours in these regions?"
    Thanks to the Map search you can find out, what kind of Services are available in these regions and if there is any potential competitor in your field.
  • "... Are there any traditional bakery and patisserie products typical for this region, like our pies of Chodsko? What makes them different?" In the Knowledge base use Keywords to find a field of your interest (Traditonal food - Food). After searching there will appear records created by project partners, among which you can find more traditional regional meals and dishes.