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Portal into a Timeless World

I want to build on a tradition


"I studied woodcarving and now me and my family are moving to Náchod region. I’d like to carry on at this craft. I need to find out, how local traditional woodcarving products look like and which techiques were used for their creating."

How can you use the Etnofolk portal?

In the Knowledge base use Keywords to find a field of your interest  (Traditional craft – Woodworking – Woodcarving) and make your searching more effective by specifying locality, for which is your search relevant. After the search only records concerning your subject (Woodcarving) will appear. These records are products of experts from institutions, which are our project partners. They can be related to creating process or products themselves.

You also can use the Map search and Keywords (under the map) to find craftsmen or institutions active in the same field as you are (list of Services under the map).