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Good Practices

Please note the following information is available in English only.
The toolkit of of good practices is one of the outcomes of the project ETNOFOLK that involved project partners from four countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). The objective was to collect examples of good practices in preservation, promotion and utilisation of folk culture heritage. Browse the Good Practices below or read more about the toolkit.

  • Fish Cooking Festival in Baja
    Hungary | Food and Beverages, Meat-based dishes - other, Rest Days and Celebrations

    Baja, “the capital of fishermenʻs soup” organises a fish cooking festival every year on the second Saturday of July. About 2000 non-professional teams (locals and visitors) cook the famous fish soup at the same time, following the same traditional recipe. They bring their own ingredients and cauldron, and the city provides firewood, and a table with benches for the meal. The festival was first organised to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the town’s rise to a city, and attracts a huge number of tourists. Website:ászlé

  • Kranjska klobasa – The Kranjska Sausage
    Slovenia | Meat-based dishes - other

    Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage) is a typical Slovenian meat product. This kind of sausage is mentioned in the beginning of the 19th century as the product of a butcher in Upper Carniola. Eventually it spread across all Slovenian territory. Recipes for preparing Kranjska sausage are well-known from the second part of the 19th century.