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Good Practices

Please note the following information is available in English only.
The toolkit of of good practices is one of the outcomes of the project ETNOFOLK that involved project partners from four countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). The objective was to collect examples of good practices in preservation, promotion and utilisation of folk culture heritage. Browse the Good Practices below or read more about the toolkit.

  • Wooden Houses with Traditional Ornamental Painting in Čičmany
    Slovakia | Folk art

    Traditional timber houses in Čičmany are famous for their ornamental decorations. The ornaments are inspired by the local embroidery tradition. Owners of private houses preserve the objects in their original state and maintain the spirit and a representative symbol of the village. In 2013, the Čičmany ornament was inscribed on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Selected ornaments were used for the design of the dresses of the Slovak Olympic team (London 2012, Sochi 2014).