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Good Practices

Please note the following information is available in English only.
The toolkit of of good practices is one of the outcomes of the project ETNOFOLK that involved project partners from four countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). The objective was to collect examples of good practices in preservation, promotion and utilisation of folk culture heritage. Browse the Good Practices below or read more about the toolkit.

  • Butter Museum in Máslovice
    Czech Republic | Traditional crafts

    The museum of Máslovice village is situated in a community of the same name, in Central Bohemia Region 18 km, north of Prague. The exhibition contains churning machines, centrifugal machines and other subjects connected with home and rustic production of butter. You can find a unique collection of butter packing from various countries from all over the world.

  • Stekr´s Mill
    Czech Republic | Traditional architecture

    The building stands on the site of a former mill, which was built in 1540. In the 1860s, the mill ceased to be used for its purposes and was rebuilt in the so called Egerland style into a building, with a popular restaurant mainly offering regional dishes. In 2004 the building was sensitively reconstructed in accordance with the regional architectural style.

  • P&P (construction company)
    Czech Republic | Dwellings

    Family houses built in accordance with the local architectural style of the Krkonoše region (Giant Mountains), i. e. the half-timbered house. The entire project of 24 houses creates a unique functional urbanistic unit integrated into the national park environment.

  • Toulcuv Yard (Toulcův dvůr )
    Czech Republic | Structures and Buildings

    “Toulcův dvůr ” is an area of historic listed buildings situated in Prague-Hostivař. The area was chosen as an example of preservation of a medieval architecture through sensitive renovation. Since 1994, the structure has been gradually restored and serves as a centre of environmental education for the city of Prague.

  • Open-Air Museum in Vysoký Chlumec
    Czech Republic | Dwellings, Farming structures, Technical facilities

    The open-air museum of rural structures in the central area of the Vltava River basin in Vysoký Chlumec was opened in 1999. The museum presents folk architecture and its development from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Dwelling houses, farm houses and technical facilities such as water sawmill as well as items which served as part of the equipment of rural houses and granges, have been gradually transferred to the area of the museum.

  • Chodsko Folklore Festival
    Czech Republic | Folk music, dance and literature

    The Chodsko Folk Festival, held since 1955, is one of the oldest folk festivals in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, it always takes place during the first weekend after the 10th August and is connected with the St. Laurence´s Fair. The major part of the programme is devoted to local folk music and folklore dance groups.

  • Trdelník
    Czech Republic | Flour-based dishes - other

    Traditional Hungarian pastry, known also within the culinary heritage of the Czech Republic. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, and sold by street vendors in open stalls at frequently visited places.

  • The Goat Cheese Farm
    Czech Republic | Livestock breeding, Milk-based dishes - other

    Farm Nový Dvůr is an organic farming company founded in 2006, located near Česká Lípa (Northern Bohemia), which introduces traditional goat milk and other dairy products to the daily menu and life. In recent years, goat milk products have gained much popularity, and as such have again become a part of the daily diet.

  • Potato Salad Festival
    Czech Republic | Food and Beverages, Fruit and vegetable

    Newly (in 2007) established event, where traditional Czech potato salad (basically a variant of Russian salad) contest takes place every year. This activity is newly introduced, however, it follows the tradition of a typical Czech Christmas dish according to traditional recipes.

  • The Traditional Pottery Fair in Beroun
    Czech Republic | Clay-industry

    Beroun has a rich history in the development of ceramics. Archaeological excavations have revealed that unique ceramic forms have been produced here since the 14th century. The name of this type of ceramic product was „Beroun Ceramics“.