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Traditional architecture in Slovenia

12. 9. 2013




Traditional architecture

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Types of traditional architecture in Slovenia

Until the 2nd World War, Slovenian traditional architecture was mainly divided into four main types: Alpine, Mediterranean, Pannonian and Central Slovenian type. Traditional Alpine architecture is characterised by wooden and stone houses with steep roofs, hayracks, granaries, shepherd’s homes; Mediterranean by stone houses with gently sloping stone roofs, yards and wells; Pannonian by houses made of logs or loam with thatched roofs, vineyard cottages, corn drying houses; and Central Slovenian by wooden or built houses of several rooms and different roof covering. Although some examples of ideal types are preserved as national heritage, new constructions rarely take into account regional or local characteristics and are more or less uniformed.

In the picture you can see traditional Alpine house in Kranjska Gora (photo by J. Otčenášek).

Kranjska Gora - folk architecture

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