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The Slovak and European Championship in Cooking and Eating Halušky, Turecká

14. 8. 2014




Food and Beverages, Pastry - other

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Banskobystrický kraj

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Halušky competition in Turecká is a part of a broader annual event called Fest Halušky Turecká which is a combination of a competition in cooking and eating traditional dish “halušky” with musical and dance performances on stage. The main attraction remains the competition in cooking and eating halušky which is considered the Slovak national dish. The competition promotes traditional culinary culture and supports its preservation.

Locality Turecká, the Banská Bystrica District, Central Slovakia, centre of the village
Time The second or third weekend of July
History (cyclicality) Since1995, annually
Organizer The Municipality of Turecká
Realisation team The Municipality of Turecká, local volunteers
Target group Locals, visitors and tourists
Traditional culture elements Traditional dish “halušky” – potato dumplings with sheep cheese bryndza, folk music and dance, folk costumes (partially)
Ethnographic criterion The event is devoted to the competition of cooking the most representative national dish of the Slovaks. It also presents local crafts production (craftsmen from a wide region) and other attractions. Folk music and dance accompany the event, but are combined with other similar musical and dance styles (foreign as well).
Environmental criterion The event does not harm the environment.
Cultural-historical criterion It is a new competitive event where the organisers try to adjust the event (folklore and other musical genres, a bonfire, falconry, etc.) to the demands and taste of visitors (a new form of mass culture)
Aesthetic criterion No conflict
Ethical criterion The entry fee is symbolic and affordable to all
Psychological criterion The event supports social awareness about halušky as a national dish.

Photos by © Daniel Luther

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