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House of East Bohemia and West Moravia

15. 4. 2013





Geographical area


Vysočina Region

The East Bohemia and Western Moravia House is divided into several subtypes: Polička house, Třebová-Svitavy region, Dyje-Oslava area and Highland House. Estates of this type appear in areas which includes part of eastern and southern Bohemia, the Czech-Moravian Highlands and some parts of western Moravia.

  • The areas where this house can be found include east Bohemia and western Moravia. These locations can be defined as eastern Bohemia and regions of Litomyšl, Polička, Havlíčkův Brod, Humpolec, Hlinsko and the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and regions of Svitavy, Jihlava, Velké Meziříčí, Slavonice, Teleč, Dačice, Třebíč and partly in southern Bohemia and western Moravia.

    Originally these were only  half-timbered ground floor building which were  also later  built with bricks  and another floor was added (Svitavy region).Other building materials include stone and adobe (Dyje-Oslava area). The buildings made up of chamber or  mixed chamber-shed type rooms. The houses were  built with or without  a scullery. The roof is usually pitched with an offset gable and ending in the bottom podlomenicí. Especially in Eastern Bohemia is a shield decorated with decking and sideboard polychromy, sometimes there is also a clinker. In the Litomyšl  region there is also   joist called  the “carpenter's stool”, which surrounds the building's wall. Brick buildings often have shields decorated with ornamentation influenced by the urban environment.

    In East Bohemia this type of homestead is  characterised by  triangular or quadrilateral enclosed farmyards. In the yard there are farm buildings such as  granaries, barns and sheds, which have  polygonal floor plan. In  Litomyšl region there are  stables at the forefront of the residential buildings. Roofs are pitched on polygonal shed hip rafters..

    This type of house and its local variations  can be found in the above mentioned areas in many places today.

Poličský dům

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