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Easter in the Ski Resort Chopok South

14. 8. 2014




Easter, Food

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Employees of the restaurant at the ski lift annually prepare an Easter feast for visitors. The offer reflects regional culinary culture (lamb goulash, ham, eggs). In order to emphasise a festive Easter atmosphere, regional folk musical ensemble/ band plays local/ regional repertoire of songs. This small event is not a reconstruction of the folk version of the Easter holiday, but it reminds all visitors of the festivity and the significance of Easter traditions. At the same time it demonstrates identity and regional belonging of local organisers.

Locality Panorama Restaurant Kosodrevina, Chopok South, 1494 m above sea level, The restaurant terrace at the ski lift
Time Easter Saturday, 10,00 – 15,30
History (cyclicality) Annually, since 2010
Organizer Restaurant owner
Realisation team Employees, folk music band and folk ensemble (Mostár from Brezno)
Target group Visitors of ski resort
Traditional culture elements Ritual Easter meals, folk costumes, folk music
Ethnographic criterion Regional elements of traditional culture used in line with their original function; Ritual Easter meals (ham, eggs) although offered in a modern culinary way (with more vegetables) and in an inappropriate time from the Christian point of view (Saturday); Presentation of the folk costumes; Presentation of folklore (music and songs) from regional repertoir
Environmental criterion No sign of conflict
Cultural-historical criterion Regional elements of folk culture used in a ski resort (of the particular region)
Aesthetic criterion
Festive culinary and music production is an added value in a mountain ski resort outdoors restaurant.
Ethical criterion The event targets secular community, but the commercial objective is not dominant.
Psychological criterion Traditional culture elements / symbols of Easter remind visitors of the holiday, raise their interest in regional culture and reflect pride and local identity of the organisation team.

Photos by © Alexandra Bitušíková

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