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Beaded Christmas Ornaments

15. 8. 2014





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Czech Republic

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With its production, the Rautis Company continues a long tradition of beaded Christmas ornaments in the region of Krkonoše (Giant Mountains). The company applies old technologies as well as forms for bead blowing. The ornaments are inspired mostly by old patterns and most of the work is done by hand.

Locality Poniklá, the Krkonoše Mountains Czech Republic
Time Company established in 1995
Organizer Rautis Company, plc.
Realisation team Employers of the company
Target group Tourists, artists, craftsmen.
Cultural-historical criterion The family company carries out manual production of traditional Christmas decoration using hollow glass beads. The Rautis company continues the long tradition of these ornaments in the village of Poniklá and its vicinity. They have preserved old technologies as well as forms for bead blowing. The ornaments are inspired mostly by old patterns. Most of the work is done by hand with respect to specific handling of glass. Even today some steps are done in the same way as in the early 20th century – especially blowing and cutting beads, and assembling ornaments.
Ethnographic criterion The production of glass beads in Poniklá and its vicinity has a long tradition. It started in mid-19th century and was intended for bijouterie. The first firm to produce hollow glass beads and later also Christmas ornaments using glass beads was established in Poniklá in 1902. The Rautis company occupies its original facilities until today. They not only maintain the traditional procedures, but also enrich them with new range of colours and motifs.
Environmental criterion The glass ornaments of Rautis company bear the Krkonoše Regional Product certification. This brand guarantees particularly local origin of the product, high quality and environmental friendliness.

Photos from Rautis s.r.o.

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