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Portal into a Timeless World


ETNOFOLK portal is a unique source of information about folk culture in Central Europe, its preservation and ways of exploitation, in education, tourism and other areas, created by the renowned experts in ethnology and ethnography from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. It brings so far unpublished documents, pictures and videos coming from scientific archives, which can be found in the section Knowledge base as well as information about contemporary activities in the field of preservation and development of rich folk culture in Central European region. More details can be found in the section About portal.

Tourist Expert Entrepreneur

Do you plan a holiday and you would like to find out more about the traditions in your destination? Would you like to enliven your trip with a visit to a folk song festival? Or would you rather visit a local museum or sight? Are you wandering what kind of healthy traditional dish to cook on the weekend? Would you like to find out more about local traditions around you?

Discover how to make it.

Are you an expert, teacher or a student who needs a source of high quality information about the culture in the countries of Central Europe for his work? Are you looking for an expert view on a particular tradition when writing a project?

Are you planning the restoration of a historic building and need information about local traditional architecture? Would you like to find out what your community looked like many years ago?

Use our Knowledge base.

Are you organizing an interesting event linked to folk culture in your region? A festival of folk dance and song? Do you offer accommodation in a historic building? Do you run a restaurant serving local dishes and would you like to be authentic? Or are you trying to get into the market with a popular object or tool used by our ancestors?

Look into possibilities of promotion.