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  • Emmaus Ritual in Bóly – Folk Tradition of Easter Monday 45.969502, 18.515528

    The Easter Monday Emmaus Ritual is an over a 100-year-old ethnic German tradition with a biblical theme still actively practiced in the small town of Bóly (Baranya County) in the southern part of Hungary.


  • Folk Christmas 50.160270, 14.825029

    Ethnographic event held throughout the Advent and Christmas in the area of open –air museum in Přerov nad Labem. The event is accompanied by thematic exhibitions devoted to folk customs related to Christmas and Advent time in rural culture of the central river Labe basin region.


  • The Old Town Easter Fair 50.075538, 14.437801

    One of the most visited events of the year in Prague. History of the event reaches to times before the Communist era. The market mainly presents handcrafted goods, all types of Easter-related food and drink, as well as examples of the old customs of a traditional Czech Easter. The offered goods and presented activities are, nevertheless, not always directly associated with Easter traditions; plenty of items offered here, for the commercial focus of the event, are more consumption oriented, and therefore often distant from the traditional Czech Easter.


  • Pisanica (an Easter Egg) from Adlešiči

    The best eggs for decorating should be smooth so the colour sticks evenly. First, the eggs are blown out: piercing the shell on both ends and blowing out from one of either hole, so the contents spill out.


  • Easter in the Ski Resort Chopok South 48.957093, 19.596950

    Employees of the restaurant at the ski lift annually prepare an Easter feast for visitors. The offer reflects regional culinary culture (lamb goulash, ham, eggs). In order to emphasise a festive Easter atmosphere, regional folk musical ensemble/ band plays local/ regional repertoire of songs. This small event is not a reconstruction of the folk version of the Easter holiday, but it reminds all visitors of the festivity and the significance of Easter traditions. At the same time it demonstrates identity and regional belonging of local organisers.


  • Pentecostal church decorating in Mende

    In Mende, eight poplar trees decorated with ribbons, embroidered and crocheted scarves are erected in the central aisle of the church for the Pentecost. The church service takes place with the congregation under the decorated trees. The three-day celebration was originally part of the local ethnic Slovak community’s traditions but the non-Slovak Catholics and Lutherans in Mende and the surrounding villages also participate. The custom has been inscribed on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hungary in 2011.