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The heritage models that the Museum of Gorenjska collects, houses, researches and represents are intended for modern needs. They should support the formation and maintenance of regional and local identities and serve as an inspiration for and help with the search for solutions to the cultural problems faced by the people of the wider Gorenjska region.  We built our mission on the basis of fundamental collections, such as the archaeological and ethnological collections of folk art and ancient, cultural and modern art history, as well as modernity, a cabinet of Slovenian photography, the creative art of Gorenjska and the so-called Prešereniana.  The museum is focused on constant communication with the environment and we present our heritage through exhibitions, publications, workshops, study circles and lectures.  The Gorenjska museum is a meeting place for people who know how to find those common elements that connect us to other nations and cultures in our preserved heritage and are also able to distinguish those treasures that are completely our own. Among our friends, we count children who enjoy our workshops and renowned experts that help us co-create the picture of Gorenjska’s past, as well, of course, as all the curious visitors in between these two extremes – you are also most welcome!

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