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  • The Carnival in Podlavice 48.742190, 19.108900

    Podlavice, originally a small village, is now a neighbourhood of the city of Banská Bystrica with a predominantly concrete „socialist“ achitecture, and partly also remaining rural architecture. Local Civic Committee Podlavice-Skubín and Pensioners Club Dúbrava are active organisers of events inspired by local folk culture traditions that are held in the local House of Culture. The Carnival festival with all segments of traditional ceremony is one of the most popular of all events. In addition, traditional pig-slaughtering, cibuľačka – onion meals cooking or traditional sledge competition (krňačky) are also annually organised.


  • The “With Fire and Sword” Festival (Meeting of Hungarian Cutlers, Smiths and Gunsmiths) 47.191155, 18.408840

    The “With Fire and Sword” festival (www.tuzzelvassal.hu) has been organised yearly since 2004. The aim is to introduce traditions and techniques of the crafts of cutlers, smiths and gunsmiths. The visitors can buy the products of the craftsmen at the market. The festival offers several cultural programmes: folk dance shows, exhibitions of the history of the crafts, shaving in an authentic barbershop, and conversations with the masters about their crafts.


  • Chodsko Folklore Festival 49.439703, 12.931144

    The Chodsko Folk Festival, held since 1955, is one of the oldest folk festivals in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, it always takes place during the first weekend after the 10th August and is connected with the St. Laurence´s Fair. The major part of the programme is devoted to local folk music and folklore dance groups.


  • The House „U Lukáčov“ in Dobrá Niva 48.472914, 19.102027

    The village of Dobrá Niva is situated in Central Slovakia. A number of houses in the village have kept their original architectural characteristics. The house „U Lukáčov“ has been a protected architectural monument since 1992.


  • Lomidrevo/Valibuk 49.817492, 15.472962

    Lomidrevo (name means something like "timberbreaker"), also called Valibuk or Valihora is a traditional Slovak folk character typical for his unnatural strength, but also for his cleverness and diligence. This fairy-tale is known from collections of Božena Němcová (1857), and Pavol Dobšinský (1880/1883).


  • Juraj Jánošík Jánošíkova družina

    (baptized Jan 25 1688 in Varín – executed Mar 18 1713 in Liptovský Mikuláš) was a legendary Slovak thief, who later became a part of folklore. In years 1707 and 1708 he took part in the uprising of Francis II. Rákoczi, later became a member of an imperial army. In 1710 he begins to brigand in the band of Tomáš Uhorčík, in 1711 he becomes a leader of this band. He was executed by hanging by the left rib in 1713. During Romanticism Jánošík´s story was commonly used motif used by writers of the Slovak national movement. In the folk tradition, there is plenty of songs, legends (often with miriculous motif) and paintings on glass with depictions from the Jánošík legend. The most dominant message of the Jánošík tradition is an emphasis on social righteousness.


  • Folk, music, dance in Slovenia

    Folk, music, dance in different regions in Slovenia