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The House „U Lukáčov“ in Dobrá Niva

14. 8. 2014


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Stavby, Umělecké ztvárnění, Oděv

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The village of Dobrá Niva is situated in Central Slovakia. A number of houses in the village have kept their original architectural characteristics. The house „U Lukáčov“ has been a protected architectural monument since 1992.

The local municipality bought the house with all side objects from original owners, and reconstructed them (using funding from several financial sources). The house is used for numerous activities, for instance for culinary events focused on local products, folk music or folk costumes presentations. It serves as a space for communication used by various groups of local society and visitors. It offers space for local activism and thus, contributes to strengthening local identity.


Locality Dobrá Niva, the Zvolen District Slovakia
Time Permanent
History (cyclicality) The house was originally built in the 18th century.
Organizer The Municipality of Dobrá Niva
Realisation team The Municipality of Dobrá Niva; local inhabitants; local associations
Target group Local inhabitants, visitors, civic associations
Traditional culture elements Reconstruction of a house and its equipment; presentation of traditional dishes; presentation of traditional folk costumes; presentation of folklore
Ethnographic criterion Local phenomena of traditional culture are used in line with their original function; Reconstruction of the house was realised in close cooperation with the Regional Monuments Board (protection of original architecture with the roof, black kitchen, oven, well etc.); The house and its space is used for presentation of local culture (culinary culture, folklore)
Environmental criterion No conflict
Cultural-historical criterion The House „U Lukáčov“ belongs to the oldest peasant homesteads in Dobrá Niva; The space of the house is used by local civic groups and associations as well as visitors.
Aesthetic criterion Reconstruction of the house fulfils aesthetic criteria (in terms of colour, building material, methods, etc)
Ethical criterion No conflict
Psychological criterion House „U Lukáčov“ is a source of strengthening local identity and pride of citizens in cultural heritage of the village.

Photos by © Katarína Koštialová


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