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Butter Museum in Máslovice

13. 8. 2014


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The museum of Máslovice village is situated in a community of the same name, in Central Bohemia Region 18 km, north of Prague. The exhibition contains churning machines, centrifugal machines and other subjects connected with home and rustic production of butter. You can find a unique collection of butter packing from various countries from all over the world.

Locality Máslovice, Pražská 3, Czech Republic
Time Continually
History Since 1997
Organiser The Municipality of Máslovice
Realisation Mrs. Sýkorová, historian and resident of the village Máslovice
Target group Tourists, researchers, local residents
Cultural-historic criterion The museum is newly established, with no direct ties to previous tradition of butter production in the locality, however, with its orientation it follows the name of the village (Máslovice > Máslo > Butter). Above all, it provides the experience of traditional methods of butter production applied throughout the region.
Ethnographic criterion The museum introduces a unique collection of traditional butter churns, butter forms and other items related to the production and distribution of butter. It also organizes events at several calendar rituals, and occasionally allows the public to experience butter production according to traditional methods.
Ethical criterion The exposition is adapted to visually impaired, it provides worksheets related to the presented items in braille. The entire exposition space is also adjusted to disabled visitors.
Psychological criterion As for the locals, the events organised by the museum contribute to local cohesion. As for tourists, the temporary exhibitions increase the attractiveness of the destination.

Photos by © Jaroslav Otčenášek

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