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The “With Fire and Sword” Festival (Meeting of Hungarian Cutlers, Smiths and Gunsmiths)

15. 8. 2014


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Kovářství, Tanec, Tradiční řemesla, Nožíř

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The “With Fire and Sword” festival (www.tuzzelvassal.hu) has been organised yearly since 2004. The aim is to introduce traditions and techniques of the crafts of cutlers, smiths and gunsmiths. The visitors can buy the products of the craftsmen at the market. The festival offers several cultural programmes: folk dance shows, exhibitions of the history of the crafts, shaving in an authentic barbershop, and conversations with the masters about their crafts.

Locality Székesfehérvár, Fejér County Hungaria
Time Annually, in June
History (cyclicality) Organised since 2004
Organizer Association of the Craftsmen of Fehérvár
Realisation team Association of the Craftsmen of Fehérvár
Target group Tourists, local people
Traditional culture elements Cutlers, smiths, gunsmiths, folk dance groups
Ethnographic criterion Traditional crafts with original tools and techniques
Environmental criterion Open-air museum of Székesfehérvár (Rác street) is a suitable place for the festival and the market. No harm caused to the environment.
Cultural-historical criterion Organising a yearly festival and market for three closely related crafts is a good method of preserving and renewing old techniques.
Aesthetic criterion The open-air museum offers an authentic scene for the old crafts.
Ethical criterion There is no ethical problem
Psychological criterion The event shows attention for the old crafts and the knowledge of the craftsmen.


Photos by © Krisztina Nagy

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